If you approach this place, you are likely to come upon maintenance or retrfit of existing GETRASUR equipment or, if you like, you may refresh some old acquaintances and meet former GETRASUR collaborators. The answer to your request is as follows:

GETRASUR SAS at Presles en Brie (77) has definitely discontinued its activity after a judicial liquidation ordered in February 2012.

SciTeeX France
is a company of the SciTeeX Group and comprises the former members of the R&D and commerce Team of the GETRASUR. While GETRASUR was in the course of liquidation, SciTeeX France has purchased some of GETRASUR’s machine park and materials on stock and also GETRASUR’s technical archives.

SciTeeX Group
 (www.sciteex.com) has been committed to comply with ISO 9001, with its 300 specialists employed. The Group specializes in the production of surface treatment machines and realizes projects on an international scale.

SciTeeX France
 thanks to its human potential and technology in command realizes SciTeeX Group projects in France.

SciTeeX France
 has special offers directed particularly to former GETRASUR Customers:
  • Deliveries of parts
  • Assistance provided to operating installations
  • Contracts for equipment maintenance
  • Studies on equipment modification or readjustment

The Getrasur equipment that has been continued by SciTeeX France comprises :


Blastrooms provided with a Getraflex abrasive recovery floor, used for mechanical treatment of surfaces prior to paint application



GETTEC P or H two-component machines intended for application of reactive materials (epoxies, polyurethanes, elastomers etc.) to be used in various fidls (like insulation, sealing, anticorrosive treatment, coating and like applications)


In-Mould Coatingspecial techniques to apply coatings to composite parts


Pôle d’Activités Montoit
88, avenue de l’Europe

Tel. : +33 (0)1 64 62 05 79
Fax : +33 (0)1 84 88 00 37

E mail : sciteex@sciteex.fr
Contact technique : David MORIN +33 (0)6 47 52 74 92
Contact commercial : Alain de MAISTRE +33 (0)7 87 10 64 49